Apr 20, 2012

First HHCA Auction a Great SUCCESS!

Heartland Highland Cattle Association announces the first Highland Cattle Auction on Thursday, April 19, 2012 beginning at 4:00 PM at the Norwood Sale Barn, located off Hwy 60, Norwood, MO.
For information visit our website at 
http://www.highlandcattleauction.com/ or contact Jerry Delcour at 417.693.0858 or 417.369.0505 or HHCA Secretary, Gloria Asmussen at 417.345.0575 or 417.733.3201 or Email: heartlandhighlandcattle@gmail.com

I want to say you had to be there to see it, the first Highland auction was a great success. 

There were 49 Highlands sold. The auction prices started low as there were several registered heifers that had exceptional bloodlines and an unregistered heifer that had a impressive reg. sire but an unregistered dam that all went very reasonable. 

But once the breeding bulls and cows came into the ring, prices changed dramatically. 

13 reg. cows from ages 4-13 years old (prices from $925-$2000) not all cows were bred-- AVERAGE PRICE $1598 
7 reg. 6 mos.old heifers sold (prices from $500-$1225) AVERAGE PRICE $903 
Breeding reg. bulls (ages 3-5 yrs. old) price from $1050-$1600 AVERAGE PRICE $1312 
yearling bull $1150 
6 mo. old reg. bull calves AVERAGE PRICE $500 

Unregistered Highlands 
6mo. to 1 yr. old heifers ($425-$575) AVERAGE $481 
cows-bred and open ($525-$1300) AVERAGE $941 
bulls-6 mo. to almost 2 yr. old ($375-$825) AVERAGE $560 

To the Highland Breeders who consigned your animals, THANK YOU, without you this auction wouldn't have been! 
To those of you who came to the auction and purchased, THANK YOU., without you we wouldn't be smiling today! 
To those from the HHCA membership who came to support and promote the auction, THANK YOU. 
To Blake Coble who designed the Highland auction website, thank you for an impressive website! 

Thanks to all the farms who consigned Highlands to the auction: 

Coble Highland Ranch, Henryetta, OK 4 C Farm, Spokane, MO
McIntyre's Retreat, West Plains, MO Hairy Cow Farm, Crane, MO
Schwartz Cattle LLC El Dorado Springs, MO Cheek's Farm, Fair Grove, MO
Moon's Highland Acres, Cameron, MO Paulus Farm, Gerald, MO
Solid Rock Acres, Walnut Grove, MO Dawson Farm, Alton, MO
Scattercreek Farm, Winchester, KS Circle H Farm, Fredericktown, MO
Trevorrow's Highland Keep, Galena, MO Thist'Ole Farm, Fairview, OK
Thistle Hill Plantation, Eolia, MO